What if the Supreme Court Ends Affirmative Action?

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The Supreme Court’s conservative majority appears likely to strike down affirmative action, in a major decision expected by this summer. David Remnick talks with two academics who have had a front-row seat to this decades-long legal campaign: Lee Bollinger, the defendant in an earlier case, and Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of an Ivy League school. “For me, it’s quite simply the question of what will become of us as a nation if we go into our separate enclaves without the opportunity to interact and to learn from each other,” Simmons says. Plus, an assessment of Pope Francis’s ten years of change in the Catholic Church, and the unprecedented reaction against him from traditionalists. How did an American-style culture war take hold in the Church?

What if the Supreme Court Ends Affirmative Action?

The conservative majority may strike down consideration of race in school admissions. David Remnick talks with two academics and an admissions officer about the future of diversity.

How the Culture Wars Came to the Catholic Church

In the ten years of his pontificate, Pope Francis has opened the Church in significant ways. The reaction against his embrace of change has been unprecedented.

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