Winter-Outfit Word Problems

1. If Sarah needs to step out into a blizzard to walk her dog in the morning, then get ready for work in an apartment where the heat just turned on, wait five minutes at a freezing subway station, and, finally, make a presentation in a conference room that’s set to eighty degrees without suffering heatstroke, how many layers does she have to discard before noon?

a) One: a do-it-all parka
b) Five and a half: three jackets, two pairs of shoes, and a scarf
c) Too many

2. Ari is buying a pair of snow boots. If he wears a size ten, but the brand runs a half size small and he needs space for three layers of socks, what size boots should he buy?

3. Mel had ten lip balms, which she distributed among five coat pockets. How many lip balms does Mel have now?

a) One
b) None

4. Ash weighs a hundred and ten pounds at the start of the day. If each layer she puts on adds two pounds and she has to wear five layers in the morning, remove three in the afternoon, and put one back on in the evening, how much does she weigh at the end of the day?

a) A hundred and sixteen pounds
b) A hundred and twenty-six pounds, because of a ramen dinner
c) Ash needs to stop weighing herself so often

5. Reema plans to attend a dance party in subzero temperatures. The wait outside the club is approximately an hour and a half. On a scale of sexy to not dying of hypothermia, what should she wear to survive the wait and still get into the club?

6. At the start of December, Raoul purchases five identical pairs of gloves. He loses one glove from each pair by February, but later finds one in his jacket pocket. How many functional pairs of gloves will he be left with at the end of winter?

a) Three pairs: he is extremely lucky
b) One pair: he is extremely unlucky
c) None: he immediately loses the lone right-hand glove that he found

7. It’s Lena’s first winter in the city. When is the optimal time for her to buy winter clothes?

a) In November, when all the sizes are still in stock but full price
b) At the end-of-season clearance sale, when down jackets are marked down
c) Whenever the cold becomes unbearable, at which point she must choose between a cute coat that’s three sizes too big and the ugly one that no one wants.

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