Free Things Generously Left Out on My Block

A broken toaster from the early eighties that needs only half a dozen discontinued parts to properly work again.

A painting that was clearly made at a paint-and-sip.

A pillow that, sadly, doesn’t have a “no bedbugs” sign.

A FreshDirect bag overflowing with a bounty of . . . other FreshDirect bags.

A mostly thawed tray of Balthazar mac and cheese.

Several vintage boyfriend tees that seem suspiciously nice to have been left out on the street.

A pillow with a less than emphatic “no bedbugs” sign.

A pile of dog-eared advice books previously owned by someone for whom you just really, really hope they were helpful.

A pillow with such an emphatic “no bedbugs” sign that you start to doubt it.


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