wikiHows That Hit Too Close to Home

How to Meet Potential Romantic Partners as an Adult

How to Organize Your Self-Help Books

How to Meet Potential Romantic Partners as an Adult and Then Make Them Watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” with You for the Tenth Time (in Ten Days)

How to Actually Read Past the Introduction in the Aforementioned Self-Help Books, Instead of Just Talking About That One Chapter Repeatedly to Convince Friends That You’re Doing Really Well

How to Retain Potential Romantic Partners as an Adult

How to Have a Good Time on Your Own, Until You Meet “the One”

How to Be the Only Single Person at a Wedding (Hint: Don’t Try to Start a Conga Line—It Will Draw Attention to You)

How to Remove the Mouse from Your Kitchen, Even if It’s the Only Thing Staving Off Your Loneliness

How to Keep Your Spirits Up After Your Nineteenth Bad Hinge Date

How to Read “How to Not Die Alone” in the Shower

How to Say Goodbye to All Those Pairs of Underwear with the Holes in Them, Like, Come On Already—You’re Acting like a Parody of Yourself

How to Shop for a Home if You’re Not Sure You’ll Ever Start a Family and Also Can’t Afford a Home

How to Name That Mouse in Your Kitchen and Maybe Even Knit It a Little Sweater

How to Prepare Dinner for One

How to Prepare Dinner for One from Crackers and String Cheese Because You’re Too Lazy to Put on Clothes and Go Shopping

How to Get Through the Day Without Consulting wikiHow for Advice on Something That Definitely Can’t Be Taught in a Series of Small, Objective Steps

How to Simulate the Human Touch

How to Cut an Onion Without Crying

How to Go a Week Without Crying

How to Find the Best in Any Situation or Example: the Kitchen Mouse Is Adorable in Its New Sweater

How to Settle

How to Remember That Settling Is Actually Harder Than It Looks, and You Definitely Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Yourself for Failing to Do That, Too

How to Meet Someone

How to Abandon the Pretense of a How-to List When Things Get Too Sad

How to Carry On When Your Kitchen Mouse Leaves You, Too

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