LongShots 2022: The six finalists

In This Moment (Serena Vittorini)

Somewhere between diary and drama, love letters and a confession booth, In This Moment captures a raw, often fraught relationship during the Covid-19 quarantine period in Belgium. Filmmaker Serena Vittorini and her partner Ophélie Masson − a young couple taking their first chance at cohabitation − invite the viewer to listen in on some of their most vulnerable conversations as they struggle to express and reciprocate each other’s needs.

A striking slice of time without a conventional beginning or end, Vittorini’s story evokes fierce passion and intensity from even the quiet stillness of the home. The couple’s misunderstandings, frustrations and longing can be felt as the third character on screen, a looming presence within every stunning, photographic closeup that comprises the film. The result is a wrenching, beautiful portrayal of something familiar to anyone who’s dared to love.

Nominated by Antonio Pezzuto, Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days)

“A love story between two people, two women in this case, who from the very beginning are not afraid to talk about their differences, their conflicts, their desire to be together. A story in which the two protagonists are not afraid of putting themselves on the line. A story that can repeat itself, consistent through time, and which each time produces different scars and provides us with unexpected cures.

“The skill of the director, which we can already see in the play of light and the editing of the images, is not only in the way she frames and frames herself, but also in the ability to appear sincere, without shame and without censorship.”

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