LongShots: Meet the brilliant directors

Serena Vittorini, In This Moment

Serena Vittorini, a visual artist based in Belgium, holds degrees in psychology and photography. She worked primarily as a still photographer – featured in publications and a host of gallery exhibits – before making her first film In This Moment, shortlisted for this year’s LongShots festival.

When the Covid-19 pandemic spread to Brussels and its residents were forced into quarantine, Vittorini and her new partner Ophélie Masson decided to take a chance and live together for its duration. But from the beginning, the relationship was problematic and felt like a daily battle, she says. The pair found themselves unable to communicate, so Vittorini began filming their arguments to study her own behaviours and faults and, ultimately, mend the relationship.

“I needed something to get in touch with her emotions, and that’s why I used the camera. I needed another way to talk with her,” she says. “For me, it was a need, it wasn’t really a project.”

Vittorini was never ashamed of showing her intimacy and insecurities to an audience, she says, but for a time before releasing the film she did wonder whether the raw, barebones method of filmmaking would invalidate it from being considered a legitimate art project.

Her cinematography − characterised by severe close-ups and an emphasis on light and shadow – follows the knowledge she utilises as a still photographer. She employed a guest editor to help capture her vision in post-production, a learning experience that soon after led her to enrol in film school and pursue her own multimedia gallery exhibit that incorporated audio and video.

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