“Black Frasier Crane”


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As lonely
in her overthinking
and as forgiven
Black Frasier Crane
is a woman in a multi-
generational household
with more than enough
square feet

Black Frasier has
a small staff
but she treats them
“like family”;
she has a soothing
radio voice and reserved
parking at both her condo
and the office

Black Frasier complains
about little everythings
because what is more
important than the fine
dusting of cinnamon
on the perfect ratio
of foam to espresso
except the knowing
that you and
only you
have the sense
to complain

And who else
could understand
but a sister
two Black Cranes
in custom Italian suits
joking about Freud:
Isn’t this the hardest
work? To be happy

when you already
have everything
to have so much
you give some up
not away
but to the beast in you
that just takes
and takes until
there are no more
brûlées and no more
canapés just the mind’s
endless narration

This is drawn from “Golden Ax.”

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