Black Gold: Can the Oil Industry Adapt to a Changing World?

[gentle start-up music]

[faint hammer banging]

[News Reporter] The issue is that Joe Biden

publicly said tonight,

We’re going to do away with the Oil and Gas Industry

in this country by 2035 at the latest.

If you’re in the Oil and Gas Industry tonight,

you need to be worried.

You better take every friend you’ve got

and call them tonight,

and tell them to vote for Donald Trump.

Cause if you don’t,

you’re going to lose your job in the next decade or less.

[somber pensive music]

[Male Announcer] We produce 75%

of the state of California’s oil.

Kern County is oil.

[somber music]

The state of California,

they’re squeezing Kern County out of business.

[somber music]

Started putting nails in the coffin.

[somber pensive music]

[hammer banging]

[drill whirring]

[somber pensive music]

[engine rumbling]

[hammer banging]

[somber music]

[faint engine revving]

[truck engine rumbling]

[horn honking]

[engine faintly revving]

I’m going to have the bacon and eggs, scrambled.


Yes, please. Thank you.

[Male Announcer] What’s this?

[Male Respondent] Read it and weep.

I can’t do it.

I can break even at the average price over the last month,

if I don’t charge for any equipment usage,

and I don’t charge for administrative overhead.

Then we’re running scared?

[plates clanging]

Am I running scared?


No, what’s gonna happen?

Listen, I’ve told everybody,

if you don’t stand up on your hind legs,

and dig in your heels..

I have. I know.

I work harder than anyone else on this.

I’m not talking about you. Okay.

I’m talking about the industry.

I mean, we’ve got to do that.

I mean, if we’re right and the science is behind us

being right,

then why are we just sitting here, Okay, whatever.?

Don’t hurt me too bad.

[scooter wheels rattling]

[car whooshing]

[Male Announcer] I’ve always had to be a fighter.

[machines whirring]

I wasn’t brought up,

I was yanked up.

[car humming]

[Male Announcer] I grew up on an old, old Oilies.

My uncle was killed out here.

A little bit of his head was left

and the rest of it they

shoveled up in a newspaper,

hauled him away, that was it.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

You had to be tough to work in oil fields.

[low machine whirring]

But what else you going to do?

What if that’s the only thing you know?

[car humming]

[somber music]

[wheels rattling]

[wheels slamming]

[Male Announcer] Get away from my car and come down here.


[footsteps running]

[dog barking]

[somber music]

[faint male chanting]

[birds chirping]

[dog barks]

[bat striking]

Ooh, sounded good.

Where’d it go?

That’s out of here.

[Female Announcer] Well, when I retire,

I’ll be back there somewhere.

In Texas?

Mm-hm. Yeah.

It just Depends on where Brad and Chris go.

Yeah, there’s a lot of people moving back there.

Mm hmm.

[bat striking]

My secretary just moved back there.

[bat striking]

Fact, she’s on her way as we speak,

with her three donkeys, two horses, and two goats.

[Female Respondent] Mm hmm, Oh my gosh.

I said it’s a Grapes of Wrath reverse.

[both chuckling]

[bat striking]

[phone ringing]

[Female Speaker] Hello?

[Male Caller] You sound like a Texan?

[Female Speaker] Do I?

[Male Caller] No,

you better get some more twang in your voice.

[Female Speaker] I know, I better work on it.


[Female Speaker] I’ve been here long enough.

How’s your trip?

[Female Speaker] It’s good.

We are in the shop right now.

We just took a break to eat some lunch.

Yeah, what are you eating?

[Female Speaker] Anything I.. Um,

don’t tell me brisket.

I don’t like brisket.

All right, well, I hated to bug you.

Go back to your lunch.

It’s colder than a well-digger out here,

that’s all I’m telling you.

[Male Speaker] Oh, man.

[Female Speaker] [laughs]

[Female Speaker] Love you.

[Male Caller] Love you, too.

[Female Speaker] Bye-bye. Bye.

[Male Caller] Golly, I miss her.

[faint rasping]

[equipment clatters]

[Male Speaker] Lots can happen in four years.

I hope it’s all good to you.

After going through what we’ve been going through.

[Male Respondent] Yeah, we have no good news.

[Male Announcer] No. Give me something.

Give me some good news.

[upbeat percussion and wind music]

[energetic drum solo]

[bright wind music]

[synchronous percussion music]


[bright percussion and wind music]

[prominent percussion music]

[horns honking]

[Crowd Member] Let’s do this.

[simultaneous crowd chatter]

[Female Crowd Member] Members are carrying

these hate signs.

You know what I mean? Fuck Trump, funk this, funk that.

[Male Crowd Member] Like I said, like..

[Female Crowd Member] everybody has a right to speech.


[Female Crowd Member] It’s the first amendment

that you will have a right to stand out here.

We have a right to do this.

Like I said, Everybody has a right

to do whatever. that man did not know.

I’m 24 years old.

He kept going with his truck.

Imagine he fucked up and really ran me over?

He really ran me over.

Imagine I was a little ass kid

and I died, just because that truck,

[female clears throat] he wouldn’t,

he wouldn’t do that. And then he got his gun?

[Female Crowd Member] Questions are over.

Shit’s gonna pop up.

Let’s not bring it to TAF.

Like, let our communities just stick together as one,

don’t burn or nothing our fucking town down

like some people, they do stuff

and it’s not okay.

[Male Crowd Member] Hey, what do you mean?

we still be out here though.

Like, regardless..

exactly how y’all gonna be out here,

support y’all?

we’re going to be out here.

[vehicle humming]

[birds chirping]

What’s up, grandpa? [chuckles]

Hey, what’s going on, man?

How are you?

Good, good.

Look at the fuzz on that face.

[laughs] growing outward.

Really fuzzy. Hey, hey.

How are you?

You want to go play in the mud puddle?

Say, Papa.


[laughs] Papa.

that’s the first time you said Papa.

It’s all good. [laughs]

Nice to see you.

[laughs] I told you,

I told you the Barney Fife through there.

The Barney Fife?

Barney Fife, Lieutenant Barney Fife.

Yeah, that’s right.


Silver bullet, baby.

[Female Crowd Member] Hi, hello.

I gotta sit down before I fall down.

How you doing? Pretty good.

My favorite son-in-law.

[Father-in-law] Oh, stop.

[laughs] I’m your only son-in-law.

[Father-in-law] That’s what I’m going to say.

[Female Crowd Member] It actually gets like that.

[Father-In-Law] So how’s it going, Errol?

When am I going to call you Captain kangaroo?

[Errol] Uh, [laughs]

[Female Crowd Member] Coming here soon.

[Father-in-law] Good.

Someone up here in your department passed away recently.

[Errol] Yes, it’s actually..

[simultaneous crowd chatter]

before I got transferred over here to this spot, so,

[Father-in-law] So what did he have COVID?

or what did he..

that’s tragic when those things happen.

So, they know how he caught it?

[Errol] They don’t.

Probably wrestling with all the heat.

You gotta rest.

[Errol] Yes.

You’re exposed to a lot of

[Errol] Yes.

[Father-in-law] I think I’d just shoot them.


[Father-In-Law] [chuckles] I’m teasing.

[both laughing]

[bouncy country music]

♪ I seen children born ♪

♪ People come and go ♪

♪ There ain’t much about this town ♪

♪ That I don’t know ♪

♪ I see children growing up ♪

[music fades]

[horse neighing]

Very good.

Hit it. There you go.

[hands clapping]

[simultaneous crowd chatter]


[crowd applauding]

[somber music]

Yeah. That’s good.

[Narrator] I’m proud of the folks that are still here.

[engine revving]

Cause I support that,

no matter if we only got one store uptown.

[somber music]

[crowd simultaneous chatter]

This is my home.

[All] Aww.

Well, at least we know I..

[Female Crowd Member] Little baby.

At least we know I’m a fighter not a ‘flighter’.

[somber music]

{Male Announcer] I mean, do we think

Donald Trump’s going to win Georgia?

At the moment, I would say, yes.

Do we think he’s going to win North Carolina?

Probably by a point and a half.

[Male Respondent] Okay.

[Male Announcer] Is he gonna win Ohio?

It looks like.

[Male Crowd Member] So, you can live..

[Male Crowd Member] It’ll show California solid blue?

That’s not cool.

I guaranty you,

the red spot right here where we’re stabbing.

[background advertisement playing]

So, that’s misleading.

[Male Crowd Member] They didn’t even go over

the numbers in California

No, unless that is..

Well yeah, that’s all color blue.

[background advertisement playing]

It’s all blue.

[Male Reporter] We’re gonna make a big call right here.

The Fox News Decision Desk can now project

that president Donald Trump will..

[Male Speaker] Hey, hey, hey. Won Florida.

[Male Reporter] Which is actually closer than ever were..

[Male Speaker] Cash is in Washington.

[Male Crowd Member] Right now, too?

[Male Speaker] What?

He doesn’t really know a bunch but,

he just knows red is good and blue’s bad.

[Male Crowd Member] [chuckles]

That’s good enough.

[Male Speaker] Yeah.

Well, it’s about time you answered my phone call.

I called you about thirty two times.

I figured..

[Male Crowd Member] He’s on a roll at Monterey.

I figured you were trying

to get me to not sway your daughter.

[Male Speaker] On a roll.

[Female Reporter] We are just getting rolling

with the evening, so settling..

[Male Speaker] All you, Monterey folks,

voting red this year, I heard

[Male News Reporter] [laughing]

Honestly, I don’t know, it’s pretty quick.

[Male Advertiser] Somehow gluten farms look bigger.

[Male News Reporter] I see a lot of a..

[Male Speaker] You know, if Biden gets elected,

No more surfing,

the plastic’s made out of oil.

They said get rid of all oil.

[Male Crowd Member] That means no more surfing..

So no more surfboards.

Save the wells.

Save the wells.

W – E – L – L – S

Save the wells.

[News Reporter] Listen, There’s a lot more votes out there

but is the margin enough?

[dramatic siren]

[engine whirring]

[dramatic siren getting louder]

[engine revving]

[machines rattling]

[monotonous hum blaring]

[faint machine whirring]

[monotonous siren fades]

[Chris] She’s hungry.

Alas, she’s been starving.

When people want to get rid of them,

They just kind of will drive along the side of the road

and push them out the car.

We need to change our perspective.

We’re in the business of going out of business.

[Male Respondent] The community doesn’t quite understand

that we’re not all,

you know, the Chevrons and the CRCs,

and the Aeros, and

Texacos and the Unions,

and the Exxons.

We’re Chris Hall,

suitcase [indistinct]

we’re racking oil that no one’s ever heard of.

And that, as far as making millions and millions,

that’s not what takes place in a mom and pop operation.

That’s what they do against big oil,

hits the small guys first.

And you know that.

[Male Speaker] Oh, I know that

[dramatic music]

[Chris] I realized that,

Andrew, the road is ahead.

The oil industry’s been good

to you and me, Chris

[Chris] It’s been great. So, I mean..

[somber music]

I’m never gonna turn my back on them.


[somber music]

[faint machine whirring]

[wind whooshing]

[somber music]

[faint machine whirring]

[dramatic somber music]

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