Meet the Only Sustainable Clothing Company That Upcycles Your Old Clothes and Sells Them Back to You

Introducing YourGarment®, a sustainable clothing company that operates on the principle of E.F.W.B.

Scroll through to explore our process for upcycling your clothes into YourGarment®, and start your journey toward #BuyingYourClothesBack.

Step one: Your wardrobe begins transforming into YourGarment® the moment you pack your gently worn clothes into our branded, microchipped bags and #DumpThemInALandfill.

Step two: Our eighteen-wheel trucks #SnagYourBag and haul it through previously untouched Alaskan wilderness to our YourGarment® factory. #GoingWhereNoGarmentHasGoneBefore

Step three: We dissolve the synthetic fabric of your non-sustainable clothes in a vat of mildly toxic waste, transforming them into ash and returning them to the dirt of Mommy Earth. Then, we build YourGarment® from the ground up, thread by organic-cotton thread. Feeling sexy yet? #SexUpYourPlanet

Step four: Now it’s time to add some color! We lay YourGarment® in a peaceful meadow and douse it with buckets upon buckets of faux-ganic dye. To wash away the excess pigment, we’ve partnered with #VossWater. Plus, all of the delicious #VossWater runoff is donated to protected marine ecosystems! #YourGarmentGivesBack #DolphinPower #GirlVoss

Step five: To insure that this process does not result in your clothing being unwearable around your pets, each new item is given to a domesticated dog, whose reaction is studied. If the dog rejects the piece, then so do we. Only the best for you and your dogs! #PuppiesForThePlanet #StrongerTogether #OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Step six: We wrap each YourGarment® in fifteen per cent recycled tissue paper and overnight it to you at the convenient flat rate of $32.35. And you know we’ll throw an extra #VossWater in there!

And that’s YourGarment®! When you need to dispose of YourGarment® to keep up with next season’s trends, just request another branded, microchipped bag using our app! #HereWeGoAgain

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