Unspoken: A Funeral Through Dance

[dramatic music]

[phone beeping]

[Woman] Paul, it’s mom.

You really need to get back home.

Dad’s not well.

I’ve been choreographing for 31 years.

Maybe this is my way of saying goodbye.

[somber piano music]

[phone beeping]

Hey Paul, this is Seba.

I heard about your dad, I’m so sorry.

Our hands are very similar.

I always look at my hands and see my dad.

And he was just searching for my hand the whole time.

[phone beeping]

[Girl] Hey, Baba I’m just checking in.

I’m here, if you want to talk

It was at the height of lockdown

he was lying on the pillow and he said,

Well and he put up his thumb like this.

And he said, banging the pillow,

he said, I can’t stay here.

And I new there was a very strong chance,

this is my last opportunity to talk my father.

Seba, let’s look at a couple of very small things

before we try and start piecing it together.

People don’t need to know it’s about my dad.

Well, hopefully they’ll feel something

about honoring somebody.

Quick as you can, like bop.

Like you’re playing Alex’s note with your foot.

He spent five days alone in hospital before he died.

And I wasn’t allowed to be with him.

That’s the word I’m looking for.

It’s like you have to say, I’m sorry.

You know, so all of this. [Seba’s foot stamping] Sorry.

And I’ve always been a person to find opportunity

rather than look at the difficulties,

but this has been tough.

[phone beeping]

[Girl] You’ve been working so hard Baba, are you okay?

This feeling of like a slow inhalation,

you know, like [breathing deeply]

like that breath that he couldn’t take.

There’s so much inside me boiling about

in a way the tragedy of this moment.

I miss him a lot. I’m not depressed.

I’m not, you know, I’m not despondent on the contrary

I’m sort of excited.

I feel like there can be opportunity

for a kind of a rebirth for all of us here.

There’s an element of risk that you need to take.

A little bit more anxiousness.

This is about getting rid of things.

Beautiful, Seba. That’s beautiful.

Great. I want you to close your eyes on the last note.

But it’s about how you, blip,

like you know, life’s [fingers snapping] gone.

[dramatic music]

There was so much, I would’ve loved to have changed.

We’re so close now.

And I know what I want to do for the end.

Very, very important is that last, last, last thing.

That foot going off the ground,

it’s the last time you’re going to touch

that sort of physical earth.

You’re going to another one.

It’s actually a great period,

as tragic and as confusing as it is,

there’s something great about it.

You feel it?

It’s like it’s just in time to say goodbye.

This is for him.

[tense music]

[dramatic somber music]

[hands slapping]

[dramatic music]

[light airy music]

[uptempo dramatic music]

[music slowing]

[Seba breathing]

[sniffling] He’s so much.

He would’ve loved it. [laughs softly]

[dramatic music]

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