Why the Oscars was a total shambles

These time-wasting categories were an insult to the Oscar winners who had had their own hard-earned triumphs consigned to the pre-broadcast slot, not to mention those who had to hurry through their acceptance speeches as part of the live broadcast. When Drive My Car won best international film, its director, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, was literally pushed off the stage after his first few sentences.

The lack of imagination was pathetic, too. A tribute to James Bond on the series’ 60th anniversary was logical enough, but why a montage of film clips introduced by three extreme sports athletes? The 50th anniversary tribute to The Godfather was just as rudimentary. And then we had Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta and Uma Thurman presenting an award together to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Pulp Fiction. Are we really celebrating 28th anniversaries now?

From the second it happened, the night’s big story was always going to be Smith’s slap, but if everything else had been more enjoyable and professional then maybe it would have seemed like an unfortunate blip as opposed to a symbol of everything that was wrong with the event. At the start, Schumer made a joke about the decline and fall of the Golden Globes: once an important, high-profile awards ceremony, now so mired in scandal that it was held in private this year. Three and a half hours later, the Academy Awards couldn’t afford to be so smug. If this farrago was the best the producers could come up with, then maybe next year’s Oscars should be held in private, too. 

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